Street Prophet / Running For My Life

by Skunkmello

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released April 20, 2019

Skunkmello is:
Matt Bartlett – Lead Vox, Guitar, Slide
Ed Cuervo – Bass, Vox
Jono Ori – Drums, Vox

Produced by: Ed Cuervo
Recorded at Big Blue Studios
Mixing and Engineering: Ed Cuervo
Mastering: Paul Gold, Salt Mastering
Artwork: James Everhart

All Songs © 2019 Matthew Bartlett (ASCAP) ℗ 2019 Skunkmello LLC


all rights reserved


Track Name: Street Prophet
Ain’t got no home but I don’t care
I just found some underwear
To earn a dime I’ll do a dance
To save some time I’ll piss my pants
Look at you, you think your smart
Well you ain’t got no shopping cart
Sure you got your stuff ok
But I can up and roll away

Cus I’m a stone cold, street rhymer
Good old, ol' timer
Prophet of the fallen man
Look me up and here I'm
Out doors, bench sleeper
Up yours, night creeper
Pariah of society
Hear my raw philosophy

Getting’ high, feelin’ alright
Lettin’ loose, you know I might
When I see that cop come round
I roll the other side of town
Talk to God, don’t ya know
Calls me brother Eskimo
Listen up here when I say
Wouldn’t have it any other way

Out my mouth the words do flow
From where they come God only knows
The only way to shut me up
To put some change into my cup
Got some rags and paper sheets
Got some bags tied round my feets
My clothes I gotta re-arrange
Before them goddamned seasons change
Track Name: Running For My Life
Well I was sitting up at Coolhand Luke’s
Minding my own gaze
When up strolled Warren Beatty
And Miss Faye Dunaway
He calls out to the barkeep
A margarita for the dame
And pours himself a glass of salt
And he offers me the same
The barkeep yelled well Hollywood hell
You ain’t no Bonnie and Clyde
And they went reaching for their two by fours
I went running for my life

Well I was feeling kinda hungry
When the authors called the cops
They were looking everywhere for Baudelaire
I was looking for a pizza shop
The heat stormed in and stole my slice
Convinced it was for the cause
The black and blues convinced me too
Though I ain’t sure of what it was
Well it’s hard to tell how mozzarell
Could ever cause such strife
Till I was on the streets without my eats
And running for my life

Well I sat down to a deck of cards
And decided to play a game
It was me and Charlie Sheen and Mary Magdalene
And a dealer named John Wayne
The play was fast, the drink was hard
The talk was rather loud
They began to scream and cause a scene
They began to draw a crowd
Well she shot first and the crowd dispersed
The Duke went for his knife
I said to them, well shit you win
And went running for my life

Well I got in a tempest
With that bar-room gin-soaked queen
She wasn’t quite form Memphis
But she was certainly of the sceneAnd visions of Johanna
Just ain’t my cup of Joe
No, I prefer cabanas
And them roadhouse bungalows
But she said to me all sensibly
Boy, you could use a wife
And I said to her I wasn’t sure
And went running for my life

So now I’m on the doorstep
Of some downtown urban shrine
There used to be a future here
But now there’s only time
I don’t remember how or when
I happened to this place
But now it seems so hard to breath
I need some outer space
So remember me to all the rest
And don’t forget to write
Make the address to heading west
And running for my life

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